Really Good

I feel like God is really, really good. Like way better than we give Him credit for. I feel like we have severely underestimated Him.

I was thinking about how in the Passover ceremony, the people were instructed to slaughter the lamb that they had time to get attached to. As a picture. Of how the people knew Jesus and yet by their own hands they murdered Him. Effectively. We say God killed Jesus. But we killed Jesus. That gives two very different views on the whole situation. Especially because He gave His life up. He made a point of making that clear. He allowed us to give Him our worst. I think to change our minds about Him.

I was thinking about how Jesus said He came to save that which was lost. He gives the example of a sheep owner. As far as I am aware, shepherds were looked down upon in that day. But this sheep owner, seen by others as lowly, goes out to rescue his little lamb that is missing. The little lamb that is seen as unworthy of much in the eyes of the people of the day. And Jesus says, “I AM like that. I love my sheep. ALL of them.”

And yet we present as “good news” this Zeus-like god that is ready to wipe everyone out unless they do x, y, and z. Or maybe just z. But still, too bad for you if you don’t get it right.

I no longer believe in that Zeus-like god. I think that was the whole point in Jesus coming to earth and living and dying as He did. To show us the exact opposite. That He will do whatever needs to be done to rescue us from our wrong thinking so that we will run to Him and stop hiding and covering ourselves. I think He is A LOT bigger than we expect.

I am enjoying this new life. I am settling down. More calm than ever. Perfect love casts out fear.

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