As only God can do. I laid it all out on the table today. Everything. Ready to give up all the dreams and ways I thought God was leading me. Felt like as I was just about to go forward away from all I thought He had been preparing me for, He gave me the picture of the story of Abraham given instruction to sacrifice Isaac.

Felt like in similar ways I have been climbing to the top of my own mountain of sorts the past six months and had the metaphorical knife in my hand and all my dreams tied up on the altar today. Then right as I’m about to make some decisions to just move forward and forget all the dreams of the past, I had this God-given peace everything would work out a different way other than giving up on all I thought I had been preparing for.

Felt like I finally heard God’s voice after what seemed like so many weeks of silence.

Felt like He was showing me that this “test” was mainly just to prove to myself that when it comes down to it, I’m willing to give up everything and lay everything down and do whatever it takes.

Not that I had to prove that to God. He already knew. But I needed to see it for myself. So that whatever comes in the future, I’ll always know that when it comes down to it, I would give up everything and do whatever it takes.

Hopefully that makes some kind of sense. As always, I could be wrong. Ok with that also. 🙂 But at least I feel very encouraged. And hopeful again.

I was also reminded of years ago when God showed me that He was offering Himself to me over and over because I wouldn’t accept Him. Not that He wouldn’t accept me.

He brought that to mind with the whole Abraham/Isaac picture tonight. That all this I have been going through lately is related and some of the same thing. All about trust. Not trusting FOR something, but trusting IN Someone. Tough but good stuff to work through.

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