I’ve been thinking lately about wise minds. How we have different ways of being in this world. How I can choose to live by what I see with my physical eyes. Or what my spirit tells me. Those two are often diametrically opposed.

What am I supposed to say when the eyes of my heart see hope in the face of seeming absolute tragedy? How do I explain peace that passes all understanding?

I am finally at a place where I don’t need all the answers. An amazing place to be when I finally know it all doesn’t depend on me. To be found by Someone who is bigger than me. Knowing I am completely free but securely held.

To truly rest. Just be. Enjoy Another. Each other. Live. Where sitting on a park bench with a refreshing lemonade enjoying the cool night air and people watching is as much worship as singing Handel’s Messiah or the birth of a child. Where eating chips and salsa while jamming out to a dope beat is the point of life versus an escape from endless doing.

My heart seizes. Yearning to infuse others with the joy set free in me. Originally back to the old way. Unsuccessfully. This isn’t a journey of knowing. This is a life of being. Something I am unable to do for another.

What drew me? Love. Long-suffering love. Not enabling enmeshment. But an organic pouring over. Light. Bright and non-threatening. Never taking. Never demanding. Never making me a slave. A love that needs nothing from me. Love as it should be. A gift. Not a trick. Not a bait and switch.

So the best I can do for you is to be fully me. To give you the freedom to make your own choices. Real freedom. Not passive aggressive punishment. To trust your heart to His.

The wise mind stays in the right now. The wise mind lives in the present. Right now is ok. Tomorrow is not today. Everything can change in a day. His grace is sufficient. Where are you? Call out. He calms the waves.

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