Not Over

Everything can change in one day.

I keep thinking of how Saul thought Samuel was late so he took matters into his own hands. How the Israelites thought Moses was late so they took matters into their own hands. How Sarah thought God was late and took matters into her own hands. I’m referring to Sarah and Abraham. But it could be me, Sarah, also.

I’m comforted by God still keeping His promise to Abraham even as Abraham got lost along the way. I need God to be that big for me. To cover for my unbelief. My impatience.

Isn’t that what our whole story is about anyway? Adam thought he had to take matters into his own hands also. Lost sight of God. Didn’t trust Him. Influenced by another, I believe. The fallen angel. Not Eve so much.

I wasn’t there so I don’t know. But either way the lesson remains. I failed at keeping my end of any and every “deal”. I need a God who loves me way past my failings. Not in spite of them. But specifically through them. Fully, all the way through them. Or else there is no hope. No glory. If it depends on me.

I think that God found me. In my darkness. Helped me see myself and Him more clearly. We see Jesus healing the blind. Maybe more as a picture of what He came to do spiritually. Remove the blinders from our minds. Heal our hearts.

I want to be that mouthpiece. Telling all the world the good news: you are loved; live!

I think of the story of the ten virgins. Waiting for the bridegroom. Half had oil. The other half let their lamps burn out. Maybe the oil represents Holy Spirit? And in our waiting, we neglect refilling ourselves spiritually. The light in us gets overshadowed by the darkness just as The One we have been waiting for is on the horizon?

This is about relationship. Not religion. I cannot give you what I have been given. It would be much less than you need. You are able to get it for yourself from The Source. Even now He is knocking at the door. Participate in the conversation.

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