Showing Up

Jesus tells about God’s heart when He tells the story of The Shepherd leaving the 99 for the one. What you are doing may seem to you like drop of water in an ocean, but a drop of water to a thirsty person is everything. Nothing is too small to God.

The God who created this unfathomable cosmos knows the exact number of hairs on your head. You matter, especially just as you are. Your heart has His heart. Billions of people, like billions of aspects of nature, each holding their own piece of God’s character to show off to the world. His love and joy is communicated through you.

We tend to get lost in the knowing and doing. Versus just resting in being. Being loved by our Beautiful Magnificent Father.

I pray you feel no shame and no condemnation. I pray you will embrace your lane. And flourish and relish in it and Him. God wanted you on planet Earth today. And He loves you very much. Shine bright.

If a person doesn’t feel safe going to their earthly father, no wonder it never occurs to them to reach out to their heavenly Father. They have no frame of reference where that is a welcome possibility. Be as a child, He said.

Maybe some fear physical paralysis. But emotional, mental, and spiritual arrest can be in similar manner no small debilitation. We rely on our own strength. How far, God? How much of ourselves can we put into Your hands? The physically paralyzed depend on You for all. May we not need that experience in order to know the depths of Your love, Your strength.

I am not helpless. A lot of people in the world may have it worse than me. They might want to trade places with me. That does not mean my hardships are unreal. Just challenged to accept what is, look for the positive, acknowledge the negative, move forward, and make the best of it. Live.

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