Due Date

Reminded this morning of pregnant women as they approach their due dates, and even more so if they are overdue. They spend months nurturing a dream. Enjoying preparing for new life. But as the due date approaches, the expected bundle of joy becomes a painful burden. Everything in them wants the beautiful to be birthed already.

They are in agony. Even more so on the table as the contractions begin. It takes everything in them. Stretched way beyond what is the usual state of affairs. They scream out in pain. Anything to get it over with. But when the promised new life appears, all the pain is replaced with purest love and ecstatic joy.

This scenario plays out in realms of existence beyond the physical. As our dreams and desires are developed.

They say the levels of exertion required for the last 15% of the work is exponentially greater than the effort required for the initial 85% of output. It’s the last times that tax everything in you. More than you knew you possessed. Unable to be communicated adequately with words. Something you only truly know through experience.

God, we wait. We struggle to contain these dreams. We desire relief. Please help our unbelief. Please give us strength to continue to hold onto the promises. Please restore our joy of Your salvation. Thank You for these adventures!

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