I am confronted by my own mortality the older I get. I used to not be consumed by those thoughts to the degree that they haunt me now.

A thought that tends to ease my anxiety is that this earth is a temporary stop on my soul’s journey to my true eternal resting place wherever God is.

In thinking of these things combined with my new perspective on parts of the Bible, I was thinking today that maybe even sleep and night are literal shadows to prepare us for what is to come?

When we close our eyes and are no longer in control, we don’t normally fear as night falls and darkness covers us as we lay “dead asleep” in bed. We trust that we will wake up on the other side of mo(u)rning. In the light. Refreshed anew.

God could have created us not to need rest. He didn’t have to create night and day. Maybe He created night and day and the need for sleep as pictures to prepare us for things to come?

I think of the verse that says His mercies are new every morning. I think of how God created all in six days and then He rested.

We repeat the cycle of seven days to every week without thinking maybe there is more spiritual significance than mere habit or science. Even in our speech we acknowledge the first day of every week as a new start.

I think about when God authored the circumcision procedure for His people: He specifically told them to wait until the eighth day to remove the covering on the child. (Yet again, the theme of covering). Why day eight? Another picture?

People say the number seven signifies an end to something. And the number eight represents a new beginning. I know I do not yet fully understand all the meanings of circumcision, but I believe it was meant in part as a continual reminder of God’s promise to His people, and maybe to all of us in future generations, that death is only a passing from one understanding to another. Removing the veil of this world to a seeing as we are seen in the next?

I think of children. How we do not feed them gourmet cuisine. It has no value to them. Sometimes I wonder if this world is in like manner our spiritual infancy. Everything pointing to something greater on the other side. Our time here preparation. Born having an unrefined taste for God, but slowly driven to desire His Presence through the trials we encounter in this world. Although beauty also draws us in.

I remember as a child being fascinated by every little thing. But then I lost my joy for the simpler things, per se. I yearn now in my spirit for greater completeness. Maybe passing from this life to the next is when we realize how little we settled for down here. Like the saying goes, when a person matures from milk to meat?

I think of the iconic last supper and Jesus’ use of wedding feast imagery. Also, the parable of turning the water into wine. More assurances of finer things waiting for us on the other side. Paul said to die is gain.

I think of Paul telling the Romans that all of Creation speaks of God. I think of the caterpillar: going inside, dying a death, being resurrected to the greater glory of the butterfly. Graduating from crawling on the ground to soaring in the sky. It makes me curious to look at everything in nature to see whether there are more spiritually significant pictures available that we take for granted?

Perfect love casts out fear. The more I know of God’s love, the less I fear the future. Whether that future be in this physical body or on the other side.

If I understand correctly, tradition is that the child is circumcised by the priest. Even more meaning there when coupled with Jesus being our High Priest and God saying He will circumcise our hearts. He will remove the covering we put on back in the garden with Adam and Eve. He will trade our hearts of stone out that we may see Him as He is and be drawn by His love in order to participate freely in who we were always made to be.

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