You Just Know

After months of banging my head bloody in struggling to communicate with many people, I had an experience yesterday where I was in a group of people who were all speaking the same language; the language I speak.

It brought me tears of joy. To understand and be understood. To not have to be on the defensive. To relax and just be.

Pretty priceless. Not perfect. But there is something to be said for being able to fit in somewhere. The funny thing is I have joked for years that maybe one day I would find my “tribe”. And how cool that this group of people specifically refer to themselves as a tribe.

It just made me think of the value of feeling restless and discontent. Some people view that as only negative. But maybe there is a vision inside of us that keeps driving us forward in spite of our desire to go with the flow and get comfortable. Peace-loving doesn’t necessarily mean at any cost.

They say you just know when you know. I never really understood that until yesterday. It was a different kind of knowing. With the full being, resonating on multiple levels. Versus an intellectual reasoning.

Echoing my experience a month or so before August. When I heard spiritual truths that exploded my mind. Truly like light. A connecting versus an impassive drawing. Something inside of me that I was not familiar with being awakened. A force not following my mind blindly. Very pleasantly surprised.

And no going back. No compromise. Once you’ve experienced life, everything in you resists death. Everything in me. In spite of the fear of the unknown.

What does this mean for the future? This world that grew limitless overnight? Definitely a lot of adventures. And new good life.

Probably some more dying of constructs that are unable to continue to serve the states of being as they proceed in flux. Having the courage to stay in my lane. No guarantees except the continual stretching of metamorphosis.

Embracing this. Seeing hope. Excited for all that could and hopefully will be.

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