My random thought for the day: in Genesis we have a record of God telling Adam and Eve not to eat of a particular tree because, as I’ve heard multiple people explain, in the Hebrew the translation is: in their dying they would die. God never said that He would kill them if they ate from the tree. It’s more like they were killing themselves. Puts a whole new spin on the phrase: you are your own worst enemy.

What if in their dying, they really did die? In Christ. Not that God killed Christ, but that we killed Him. And yet in killing Him, we killed ourselves at the same time since we are in Him since the foundation of the world? And yet the genius of God could be that He gave us that free will and yet worked our decisions for ultimate good? The whole Easter story. Not only did we die in Him, but we also rose in Him.

That would solve a lot of problems in regards to the idea that God is like Zeus waiting to zap us. Is He not for us? Is any argument for Him being anything other than the loving generous selfless character embodied in Jesus more a projection of our own shame and fears than the truth available to us in Word and experience?

At times The GOD of the cosmos was denied basic human respect. And yet He showed us His heart when He washed even the dirty feet of Judas. Knowing he would betray Him. Does that do anything for our feelings of insecurity?

I keep remembering how Paul tells the Colossians that we are just enemies of God in our minds.


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