What do you want? What is the story that you are telling yourself? What excuse are you using today? What will you have to do to live with the regret of not going for it? Of not giving it everything you have? Of not leaving your all on the field?

Not little all. But big ALL! Because it’s going to take every little last bit of you. All your energy, all your strength, all your focus, all your mind, and mostly – ALL your heart.

This is personal. Dreams like this aren’t safely detached away in an intellectual cocoon. Dreams like this are deeply personal and come with inherent expense and risk. But you already know there is also a price for letting them fester inside without giving birth to them.

They might take you out by going for it, but there is a guaranteed death of you from the inside out for slowly smothering the sprouting seed of them inside the womb of your comfort. Be bold. Embrace discomfort. It’s going to come either way. The pain of regret or the pain of change.

You are not your failures. You are courageous and big of heart. You are a warrior. You are alive when you are living fully from that space. It’s like having a fire inside that is able to give warmth and light to so many but will burn you up if you keep it to yourself.

There were big losses. Big punches to the gut. Big pains. Those around you with less awareness don’t want to have these conversations with you because they stalled out and shut down long ago. It’s too painful. They are more afraid than you are.

But you know great love. You know a great God. Ask for Him to breathe new life into your heart today. Ask Him to give you His eyes.

Don’t you dare insult Him by adding this as a requirement to a checklist to earn His love and acceptance, a burden. That is not His heart and you know it on your better days.

There is light at the end of this tunnel. There is great reward with great dreams. Some part of you has experiential knowledge that knows this to be true.

They may never know what it took to get there. But you’re not doing it for them. What if you get what you want? What if you go for it and it happens? What do you want? Choose life. Never give up.

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