Grrrl Power

Here’s a #NeverGiveUp story for you:

A very generous friend gave me a vacuum for a gift when I moved into an apartment almost two years ago. It worked great. But my long hair jammed it up over time. The motor was working but the brush stopped spinning.

So as I’m aiming to make the best use of my time off from working, I’ve been attacking my mega to-do list of things I put off when I was in school full-time. Today was “fix the vacuum day”.

So I went to the vacuum repair store and the guy tells me a belt and something else needs to be repaired. He tells me he doesn’t have any parts for my vacuum in the system and tells me he will have to call his vacuum rep and have the part ordered if it’s even available. He then tells me he’s never worked on Black & Decker vacuums before. I tell him thanks for his time and get out of there.

Then I call a Black & Decker factory authorized shop in town. They tell me they don’t repair them. They just replace them if I have the receipt and it’s still under warranty. Well it was a gift so even if that was an option, I wouldn’t want to go to all that trouble.

So I go online and look up how much a new vacuum costs, check to see on Craigslist if anyone is offering to repair vacuums, and then I’m like: “This is ridiculous! I know this has to be an easy fix.”

So I put my big girl pants on and search the Internet for help. I land on a page for central vacuums, dead end. I land on a few other dead ends. Finally a site that is simple.

End up pulling out my cordless drill, unscrewing the bottom off the vacuum, and finding the broken belt. A few Internet searches later after I find the model number, a trip to Walmart for the $4 belt, and a quick five minute replacement of the belt and my vacuum is working again!

Feeling like a BOSS! #grrrlpower #nevergiveup #nuncaterindas

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