Know Such

About two weeks ago I wanted some spiritual nourishment so I searched online for a particular speaker I have enjoyed listening to. There are thousands of results when you type this speaker’s name online. One of the first results was a video from January 2017. I only clicked on it because I was sure I hadn’t seen it before.

So I absolutely loved the video. I shared it with many people because I was so happy. Mixed reactions. Most didn’t reply back. Maybe only two people liked it. A few engaged in friendly respectful conversation even if they disagreed. And then some gave me a lot of flack.

All to say, the speaker on the video was a guest speaker at a church in New Jersey. Because I liked the video so much and because of the intensity of the reactions I received, I emailed the pastor of that church and thanked him for posting the video and commended him for his courage.

The pastor replied back and I told him I live in Texas and have been attending a Bible study in a small town north of Austin. Well, turns out he had just visited that town because he has family members that live there. Then through more email conversations we figure out that one of his family members attends the same church and is friends with someone that I know from the Bible study group that I attend.

Out of all the 2000+ videos I could have watched. And I can’t remember ever emailing a pastor like that before. And it “just so happens” that this pastor knows someone that knows someone that I know. So crazy. Why I have a hard time believing in randomness, coincidences, or luck.

Small world. Big God.

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