Wow! Wow! Wow! Seek and you will find. My heart keeps burning along a certain path. I have no idea where the end will lead me. But tonight I was searching for something Torah-related and ran across the following two quotes that blew my mind in regards to how Passover used the Israelites’ knowledge of Egyptian religious practices in painting the picture that was intended to help them see Jesus.

“The final plague comes and the Hebrew slaves have to be willing to sacrifice a lamb and place its blood on the door. That lamb was a symbol that Pharaoh — worshiped with the lamb — is not God. Human power is not to be worshiped.”

“…the author(s) of the Torah apparently knew about a ‘sheep god’. Quite possibly this recalls Amun, one of the most important deities of ancient Egypt. Amun took on many forms, and as god of Thebes he was depicted as ram-headed. His worshipers sacrificed a ram once a year at which time its fleece would be used as clothing for a ram-headed idol. Another Egyptian ram-headed god was Banebdjed, associated with Osiris, who wore a crown with ram’s horns.”

The Egyptians worshiped sun gods. And Jesus came as The Son of God. The Egyptians worshiped a source of light in our world. Jesus came as The Light of the world. So cool.

And there the theme of “covering” again. That’s been one of my words that keeps coming up the past six months. Yet another layer of meaning now.

Amazing! Makes me want to dig more and more. I think we are missing a giant piece of the picture if we scare away from The “Old” Testament. I am completely fascinated.