My favorite lines from Cleo Wade’s TED talk:

Do not be afraid to say, “Yes.” Start by being a better friend, a better parent, a better child to your parents; a better sibling, a better lover, a better partner. Start by being a better neighbor.

Find your peace within, hold it sacred, bring it with you everywhere you go.

Love enough to know that just because someone disagrees with you, it does not make them your enemy. You may not win an argument, you may not change a mind, but if you choose to, you can always achieve the triumph of radical empathy — an understanding of the heart.

Ask, “Why?” Ask, “How did we get here?” Do this with compassion. Start by truly learning how to forgive yourself. We cannot overcome what we ignore. Start by having the first conversation at your own kitchen table.

Love yourself so much that you can love others without barriers and without judgment.

Our righteous acts create immeasurable ripples in the endless river of justice. Start by doing what you can with what you’ve got, where you are and in your own way. We just have to be brave enough to care. “Be good to as many people as possible.”

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