Simple Physics

It is interesting to me that physics so clearly proves that we orbit the sun. Yet when it comes to spiritual beliefs, we act as if The Son revolves around us. As if what we do determines what God does.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if our solar system was setup specifically as a picture to help us understand our place in all time? That would bring up additional questions such as what could the moon represent? How about the other planets and the stars?

I feel like we will learn so much after we pass from this earth into whatever comes next. The Bible says we see dimly now and will eventually know as we are known. Fascinating.

The more you seek, the more you find. Way outside the limits of any box we can fabricate in our minds. I am so glad. Terror if you don’t know God’s character. An endless adventure if you surrender to trusting that we are in a cosmic dance with our Creator and He is the Lead, just like the sun and The Son.

Wouldn’t it be easier to trust if we could rest in knowing all this doesn’t depend on us? That God’s love could be that big? As big as the immeasurable universe He Created?

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