I was thinking about the phrase: “God gives us all an invitation to the table.” I remembered in Matthew the part about how there was one guy who got kicked out of the banquet hall because he didn’t have the correct wedding attire. But the previous verses specifically say the people who were in the banquet hall were people of no means. Surely they did not have wedding garments stashed away in their bags as they lay begging on the sides of the highways?

So were they given wedding garments by the king? Was the problem that the man who was kicked out was trying to cover himself by himself?

Is there any parallel to Christ being our covering? And to Adam and Eve attempting to cover themselves? They were kicked out also.

The story in Matthew is about a wedding feast and we are the bride of Christ. Is there any connection with Passover? The people were being covered by the blood of the lamb as death passed over them.

A quick Google search seems to confirm my suspicions: the tradition seems to be that the King provided the clothes for the wedding guests. Just as Pharaoh provided clothes for Joseph’s family when they arrived. Which makes me wonder – Joseph was in trouble in the first place because of his colorful garments.

I could go on and on. So much to explore.