Anger. Deep grief. Crying out. The pain is too much. The disappointment is too much.

We need a love story. Love stories. I keep praying, “God, please give us a love story so we have hope again. So we believe again.”

Turn off the electronics. Spend time talking with the people in front of me. Just smile. Just say hi. We are all afraid. Protecting ourselves. Hungry for hope.

I read that people in Puerto Rico are going outside and spending time with each other for the first time in years. Like in the old days. Does it have to get that bad for us to unplug?

We are distracting ourselves from feelings of overwhelming grief and helplessness. The bad people seem to have all the power. But that isn’t true. If God is for us, then who can be against us?

They are instigating wars for profit. A sick evil game of greed. I refuse to participate. I will not hate you because of your skin color or gender or age or nationality or religion. Etc.

Every seed of love is not planted in vain. It just takes time to see the harvest.

Pray. I’m reminded over and over again to pray. We obviously need answers and an intervention. What we are doing is not working.

Pray. I heard a story about George Washington Carver. He prayed for wisdom from God and was given knowledge in regards to hundreds of uses for the small peanut.

What is heavy on your heart? Pray. Ask for wisdom. God has answers. He makes beauty out of ashes.

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