New Clothes

I was wearing the same clothes all the time. They were very comfortable. My favorites. But they were falling apart. I kept hanging on. Excusing the holes. The broken clasps. I didn’t want to let go.

They were perfect for me when I first aquired them. But it took time to see that things weren’t the same anymore. Now I was in pain. They were no longer a part of my life. They were distracting me from life because of their state of falling apart.

All of a sudden one day I asked myself, why am I putting up with this? I have the ability to lay these clothes to rest and do what I need to do. Those clothes did their best. Better than expected. Better than ever before. But they were finally wearing out.

So I bought new clothes. Just a few at first. It felt too extravagant to move on too quickly. But after wearing the new clothes, I could hardly stand the old ones. I saved them for absolute last.

In short time after wearing the new clothes, I bought more. And was ready to more readily let go of more and more of the old.

There was risk. Would I like these new clothes as much as the old ones? What if they didn’t live up to the old ones? What if they didn’t last as long? What if they didn’t fit the same? Only a few turned out to be misses. Most turned out to be hits. Thanks to my old clothes, I new more and better what I wanted when looking for the new clothes.

Can’t put my new wine in old wineskins. Here’s to honoring the old. And courageously embracing new life.

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