20180109_160145 (2)
I took this picture in Maryland. It represents what life on social media looks like. Real life is more like an untamed forest.

I saw a different patch of wild trees but wasn’t able to capture a picture. There was evidence of new life sprouting up from the ground. Almost hidden. Overshadowed by the established growth.

Reminded me that sometimes we plant seeds in our lives and it takes a long, long, very long time to see any measurable progress. Much less, for the old to be replaced by the new.

Sometimes we give up before we see results. Sometimes it looks like we’ll never achieve momentum. Technology trains us to be impatient, to resist hard work and pain.

What is a pregnancy but nine months of labor? But women beg for that opportunity. Because of the payoff at the end. Such are many things in life.

Reminded that sometimes the forest of our life can seem to be on fire, everything being burned to the ground. What initially looks like a catastrophe might be necessary and a blessing in disguise. Required for regeneration.

We can hold onto our identity as beloved children of God during times when all that appeared to have defined us is being stripped away.

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