Dry Time

Yesterday was so crazy. Started off in the dark with being iced in. Not trusting God had me sleeping only three hours. Thankfully my host let me stay at her place while she went to work. Able to sleep two more hours. Until the fire alarm went off. My greatest fear in all this cold weather. Had to throw on my shoes and coat and grab my keys and the dog. Dropped my glasses and the leash fell off dog while in the hallway trying to run outside. Dog didn’t run away. No fire.

Weather warmed up so that the ice melted. Took the leisurely route to the airport. More than four times barely made it to a restroom after drinking too much and not knowing where any facilities were. No access roads in this part of the country. But no accidents.

Made it to the airport. Didn’t know where to find my terminal, ticket counter, security, or gate. Very nice helpful people pointed the way. Problems checking in on my phone. Thankfully the kiosk let me check in.

Had time to eat Chipotle – my favorite – and surprisingly not overpriced at the airport.

Phone battery low. Able to find an outlet to recharge.

Last few people to board plane. Nice flight attendants. Let me switch seats to have more room. Even at back of plane.

Ended up having to deplane. At least they found the problem on the ground.

Second to last passenger off the plane. Line of around 100 people at counter waiting to speak to flight attendants to rebook and get vouchers. I chilled out, took a seat, and called my brother and texted friends. Was expecting to be last in line. Went to check to make sure they’d take my luggage off the plane for the night. Flight attendant very nice. Let me skip half the line and printed out my vouchers, including food for lunch and dinner.

She found my luggage in the system even though I couldn’t find my luggage claim ticket. Wasn’t sure if my luggage would be at baggage claim since she requested it without my ticket. Ended up being 2nd off carousel. Able to have access to my toiletries and clothes.

Went to use voucher and asked how much a food item was. Lady at register didn’t know how to take the item off the ticket so she just gave it to me for a reduced price – $2 off. Another vendor wouldn’t take my breakfast voucher so I went back and bought water from the first vendor. They accepted my voucher.

Called for the hotel shuttle. Nice guy directed me to find it. Too many people on the shuttle. Last one on. Got to sit up front with driver instead of on someone’s lap. Last in, first out. Ended up being third in line at the hotel front desk. Already had everything ready. Up to the room in less than five minutes.

Ended up having an extra clean shirt. Washed my underwear out for today. Never did that before. Hung it out to dry in front of the heating unit. Not sure it would dry in time. Able to fall asleep. Woken up at 2am. Thank God. Time to flip my undergarments over so the other side could dry.

And posted this feeling so grateful. Seriously. Just that God loves little ol me enough to wake me up so I can flip my undergarments over so they will have enough time to dry for the flight home.

Amazes me. Leaves me feeling so full of love. I’m a little speck, not even visible from a plane in flight, much less the farthest edge of the universe as we can map it. And yet so loved by my Creator. In addition to all His masterful provision. All His protection. All the other sweet kisses of grace and mercy throughout the day, this trip, my life.

Overwhelmed with love. Reminded that if He cares even about waking me up so my clothes can fully dry then He has this job situation figured out. Along with all the other hundred concerns I have. Be still my soul. It is well. I am loved. ☝💙💞

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