Cold Comfort

Amazing. The last day I’m in the Northeast and the temperature increases 30 degrees. And because it was so cold, now I’m outside like it’s Spring with no jacket in 46 degree weather. So crazy. Yet if I stayed in this weather without a jacket, eventually my body would adjust and the cold would register.

Reminded me how in life sometimes we can trip onto finding some relief from harsh circumstances. We throw caution to the wind, as the saying goes, and embrace the most comfort we’ve ever known. The least amount of protection we’ve ever needed.

Then the bitter pain of reality slowly sinks in. Our brain might not catch up as quickly as the feelings inside us. Disappointment. As what we thought was our destination proves to be just a stepping stone. Unsure what the future holds. Temptation to get discouraged and feel hopeless.

But it’s not the end. Remember the Israelites as they exited Egypt. So confused. Feeling lost. Neither here or there. Overwhelmed by the unknown. Looking for comfort. Relief. Desires fulfilled. Something to hold onto.

My prayer: that we will cry out to The Father that wants more for us than we can even dream of. That we won’t settle for going back to Egypt or camping right outside our Promised Lands. That we will be like Joshua and Caleb. That the love of our Father will give us the courage of David against Goliath. The confidence of Daniel in the lion’s den.

My God is so big and mighty. There is nothing my God cannot do!

#nevergiveup #newlife2018

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