I’m studying the word “sarx”. I am nowhere near ready to articulate a complete explanation of my thoughts with any authority. However, just for the sake of discussion for any that are interested, at this time these are the unfiltered wonderings of my heart:

We are usually taught that The death of Jesus on The Cross satisfied God, but what if The death of Jesus on The Cross satisfied us, humans? For when Adam accused God of being wrong in giving him Eve, did God take it upon Himself to jump inside our logic with His Logos in order to redeem our view of Him? And in doing so, redeem us? My thought being that any wrong thinking about God may cause us to cease to exist? So He gives us life by becoming the right logic inside of us? Not sinners in the hands of an angry God, but rather God in the hands of angry sinners? In us killing Him, did we all die but also rise again through His resurrection? The second Adam redeeming all of the first Adam? For everyone?