I get so caught up in the outcome. Tying my worth to how things look. If our Jesus was judged the same way, they’d probably label Him a failure. What kind of King would we value who appeared naked, beaten, and bleeding? I’m not saying it’s ok to sit back and be lazy or do nothing. I’m just reminding myself that what people value on earth doesn’t always carry the same weight after this life.

It’s difficult to live in this world and remember that. I stress so much about not measuring up. And then I’ll have a moment where I feel God smiling and it’s like, “Chill out”.

From others it’s usually this constant hammering of: “You’re not enough”. And there’s little room to celebrate things like moments where you have an enriching conversation with someone, or you took the time to connect with someone the media is constantly inciting you to be at discord with, or you smiled at someone, or you encouraged someone. What if that’s all I can claim as accomplishments at the end of this life?

I need to stop giving my power away to others to decide what is important for me. And I need to quit being my own worst enemy. Quit the self-condemnation. Identify my values. Are they aligned with God’s view of me?

Is God going to measure my success based on how much I weigh, my position, my popularity, how many dollars are in my bank account, or _fill in the blank_? I am pretty confident the answer is thankfully, no. Not that there is anything wrong with being healthy, prominent, or wealthy.

The question is how do I define my worth and value? Live loved. ☝

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