I was a little frustrated last night. With myself. With not being where I want to be.

Called out to Him: “What if I fail at accomplishing all my dreams? Is it good enough that I at least tried to loved some people?”

A smile, and a wink. Oh yeah, that WAS the greatest commandment.

Relieved that He doesn’t measure success the way our society measures success. Not that there is anything wrong at all with achieving, accomplishing, and obtaining things. I’m all for hard work. Just, everything in its place.

I think I’ll be surprised when we “settle accounts”, per se. Of the things that remain, I bet it will be less of what I’m usually prone to think and more like:

That time I stopped to chat about recipes with the elderly lady in the grocery store. Or the times I’ve listened to the men tell me stories. Or the time I listened to that little kid go on and on and was fully engaged and supportive even though I had no idea what he was saying. Or that time I held the crying baby until he fell asleep.

Not trying to shame anyone. Just sharing my hope.

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