A dream

I was just working on homework and fell asleep. I had a dream that people were dancing around me while I was working. One by one they stopped dancing and started standing. Eventually no one was dancing. They were all gathered somberly in a group. Instead of dance music, there was the beginnings of a whisper of first one and then two or a little more people singing a hymn. Very slowly they started to increase in volume. I could not contain myself. Whereas I had not participated with them before, now I had to sing it loudly from my heart. I was the loudest one singing: “Wonderful the matchless grace of Jesus! Deeper than the mighty rolling sea! …For even me. …O magnify the precious name of Jesus! Praise his name!” When I finished, I realized nobody else was singing anymore. They had distanced themselves from me. I overheard someone say something like, “You’ve heard there are people working in internment camps right now?” Someone responded, “Yeah, but…”. Discounting it. An older man who others had ignored earlier was someone else’s guest. I had acknowledged him when he arrived, while they didn’t. I now noticed him exiting the party. As if the internment camp talk was most alarming and cause for immediate action. As he was leaving the party, no one acknowledged him again. I caught his eye as he was closing the door. I waved at him. His eyes communicated that he saw me and appreciated me seeing him and he knew that I knew what was happening. Then he closed the door. And I woke up.