I was out running around in the brush country yesterday. The two inches of rain that fell the previous night had everyone excited. Many were running to the feed store to pick up or order product to drop in the ground as soon as possible. Preparation was needed. The old must be torn down and plowed under before the new could be planted.

There was talk of soil quality. I didn’t understand. I thought the appearance of the soil was an indication of its value. Not necessarily. To the untrained eye, looks can be deceiving. Just because there is growth doesn’t mean there is substance.

A story was told of a trip to East Texas to pick up some cattle. There was plenty of foliage and water but the animals appeared more emaciated than others grazing in what many might judge as much harsher conditions. The reason? The nutrients had been depleted from the soil primarily due to the negligence of the managers of the land.

How interesting! And as usual, Creation’s classroom is always in session. There are many lessons in all that I witnessed, but one particular point stuck out to me this Sunday morning: we are inundated with religion but a look at the news shows us the extent of our spiritual starvation. We are drawn and return diligently to what appears most fruitful, all the while wasting away with a hunger we can’t seem to satisfy. We rely on others to feed us, not realizing The Life has been leeched out.

More is not necessarily better; better is better.

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