Necessary Pain

8/22/2015, 10:10 AM You wrote:

Good morning Sarah, you asked that I write so here goes a few thoughts.

In reading a bit of the Exodus this morning I was contemplating over the suffering of the Israelites. Pains were added to them in the beginning of Moses’ work when they asked Pharaoh three days leave. It seems all to have been finely orchestrated by God; the slavery, the abuse and now the added stress. In retrospect, it seems that the intent was tp have the Israelites want to leave and never return. Similar to a way you teach a child not to do bad, such as playing with matches. One may, if he sees the need, even allow the child to be burnt so that the lesson may be well imprinted in his mind and body.

If all had been well with the Israelites and God blessing them materially the same way he blessed them in multiplying their numbers, who would have wanted to leave Egypt? Consider Babylon, how many went back to Israel? When the fighting in the promised land got underhand, how many would have returned to Egypt? When they faced the giants, who would have stood strong? The spiritual lesson is thus well imprinted in our hearts and bodies.

Their knowledge of God was very limited and corrupted by their association with the Egyptians. Consider the TV personalities that are so set on their evil ways, especially those atheistic ones that enjoy arguing with Christians. They are good at arguing, especially against those untrained. I don’t think they will ever believe without something tragic and dramatic occurring in their lives. It matters not how good the proofs and logic for Christianity are, they have their hearts and minds set on a lie. That is how their money is made. Thankfully, we now have the power of God living in us that can take down those strongholds.

Therefore, be one an Israeli in 1450 BC, a famous TV personality, or a nobody, pain is needed. Eternity is too long for one to complain over a few years of pain. The pain is real and at times severe, but worth every minute.

A times the purpose to suffering is to give meaning to the decisions and direction one must take. If it were easy then doubt, confusion and uncertainty would wreck havoc on us.

I wrote:

You are NOT an idiot. Good morning. 🙂 I’m very glad you are writing. Thank you for sending it to me. There was a lot to chew on. I hope there will be more.

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