Rotten Manna

6/27/2015, 12:35 PM I wrote:

I feel like the Lord told me not to copy down those words for you that I shared yesterday. Because those words were for the J you were on Friday. And you are a slightly new J today. And you’ll be an even newer J tomorrow.

I feel like He is saying those words don’t define you. No limits.

I feel like the Lord is telling me not to copy it for you because He wants you to know you can get a whole new similar, even better, batch of encouragement from Him for this day. And each new day as it comes. Each morning just for you.

Those words He gave me to share – He doesn’t want them to become rotten manna to you. He wants to give You a fresh meal each time.

However, I feel like He gave me permission to reread it verbally to you again whenever you want and ask. That is not a problem.

Much love in the Lord. Hope you have a great day.

You wrote: Thank you Sarah 🙂 That’s a good word.

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