6/8/2015, 11:48 PM you sent me an article entitled: Magical houses, made of bamboo

I wrote: Cool stuff. Amazing work.

You wrote: There’s a soft spot in me for architecture. My heart, that is, the head may be a little soft too.

I wrote: 🙂 Cool. It captures my interest but doesn’t hold it that long. Architecture, that is. Thanks for replying to the other email. I’ll refrain from sending you a million links of her videos. 🙂

You wrote: Not to worry. I may ignore, watch a little, or who knows – watch the whole thing. Likewise, I’ll send and not be offended if you ignore.

I wrote: To be honest probably one of the things I dislike most is when I initiate communication with someone and they don’t reply. Siiiiigh. Been that way for years. But that’s probably a better conversation for in person vs. email. Sure you have a different perspective, another shade of grey, that I might benefit from.

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