Running to the Bus

running to the bus every morning is making me warm up.

this morning this older lady stands on her porch and starts yelling my direction. pitch black dark mind you.

and i’m looking around like “i know you are not yelling at me”.

can’t hear what she is saying. then i think ok maybe she needs help.

i think she was yelling “mija” to me.

so i walk over there like “you talking to me?”

and she is all “you’re waiting for the bus right?”

why else would i be outside at 6:20 in the morning with wet hair on the corner?

anyway, she asks me to put her trash can on the curb. and i’m like “fine”. looking back over my shoulder for the bus.

then she’s like “no not there. over like a foot”.

i’m like “wow, beggars can’t be choosers”. lol jk.

but i see the bus coming and she’s trying to talk to me and i’m like “look lady, i luv ya, but i gotta jet”.

and i’m running across the road. almost in front of the bus. and i make it. and the bus driver is like “hehehe saw you running”.

anyway, it warmed me up. hahahahaha

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