Were You Joking?

Sarah Nyhan: were you joking or serious with your comment about appreciating me not thinking about you?

Belle: seriously you have to ask… omg joking
Belle: here is the thing, I am always joking.. I am big kid.. you don’t know me yet…
Belle: nothing but love..

Sarah Nyhan: ok. glad we cleared that up. i just have to ask or it will bug me all day. just to be sure.

Belle: well to me that just sad.. but I wont mention it again..

Sarah Nyhan: what part is sad?

Belle: I was referring to ” it will bug me all day” the way you let the little stuff eat at you (just my opinion) i think you are one the coolest people i know and it was not my intent to make you think otherwise. But seem like ever know an then you question things like this and they are nothing really and that’s what sad to me..
Belle: “every now and then”
Belle: is what i meant to say… sorry
Belle: I am really really sorry I sad that this morning.. i truly regret it.. you have a good day okay.. seriously
Belle: if you go downstairs anytime soon.. would you please bring me two of the vanilla coffee creamers.. pritty please.. if you don’t mind and only if you are going..

Sarah Nyhan: i usually wait till 9am. but i will try to remember when i go down.

Belle: never mind.. I just used the regular stuff.. so its cool…

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