Day 4 no sugary junk food

Day 4 no sugary junk food.

Down three pounds. Probably water/clothes. But down better than up.

So tired. Nodding off at 6pm. Very abnormal. Maybe sugar caused my insomnia?

Lots of energy today. Laughing. Not so angry.

No sugar attacks, thank GOD.

Ate way less than normal. Wasn’t constantly thinking bout food. Only ate two boiled eggs, watermelon, frozen dinner, apple, almonds. Not normal at all. Intended to eat carrots and another frozen dinner and never got around to it.

I tell ya, that added sugar is bad news.

I’m so happy not to be in starving/bingeing cycle.

Know there are so many others out there like me.

There are lots of keys, but what was lacking before was consideration of reality: physical and psychological.

I want to spread my good news too.

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