Living Armor

you thought
one day i would just disappear

you could kill me but even decay
won’t rid you of me soon enough
so that your conscious isn’t seared

rub my fingers over my arms
feel the bumps through fabric
still alive

funny how you look straight through me
like i’m a mirage when i’m dying of thirst
but an ocean when you want water

soul skin
is cracked with deep crevices

slide my fingertips
under the edge of my t-shirt
run over the tops of them
still moving

if you’d see for one second
you’d probably bomb screaming accusations
build your house of blame
but i won’t be there

i bought a mansion without money
i own my own oasis
when i want a vacation
i go there and stare
naked into the mirror
without clothes
but still covered
in my red armor

oh yes
i’m bleeding
but breathing

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