Others Out There

there are others out there who know what you are feeling.

i wish i had the answers. this has been going on for a long time. it probably will never change.

support yourself on your own. it does get better. after 19 years, i finally found some relief when i was able to move out on my own. it was THE BEST time of my WHOLE life!

my best friend of many years is going in a totally opposite self-destructive direction.

remember, life is not like TV. most of us have one or two people we can count as real true best friends. sometimes i think we are all hiding waiting to be approached. if you see someone you might want to get to know, just plunge in. what do you have to lose? act friendly even if you don’t feel like being friendly. say hi to people. if you meet someone new, call them by their name and say hi. look people in the eyes.

i want to be more than one of “those” people. i want to be seen as me.

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