i tell you
it’s complicated
no little shelves
that you will fit into
that you will stick into
one more time
is the name of the game
you see me
then you don’t
i wear different colors
as fast as you can
blink your eyes
where is the ruler
where is the black and white
guess it doesn’t matter anyway
cause you’re on a different plane
and our grounds keep
shifting up and down
tell me where you are
if you even know
call to me
so i can direct my gaze
cause i lost you a long time ago
i lost you
when i thought you
were sitting down
i started to relax
and join you
all of a sudden
i find i am talking
to the wall
i am speeding to find you now
but there are stoplights
and crosswalks
this world is night most times
i wonder if you are hidden like the rest
hiding behind bright beams
as you advance
watching your back
as you throw up red flares
to keep away
i don’t know what to say
i’ve been known
to slam into
stationary objects
and die of embarrassment
when it’s time to walk away
i guess i wreck
i guess i am broken that way
truth is a scorching desert day
you can barely open your eyes
enough to see it
and i keep
crawling down this burning highway
hoping you are not a mirage

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