today is a brand new day
an anything day
an everything day
a nothing day

grab this day by the horns
by the throat

it will not sit
it will be dragged by you
or it will pull without ceasing
an automatic without idle

i think this day and i are dancing together
much in sync
but out of also
but mostly the same

the sunshine on my back
just right
sun rays without sun glasses

the breeze
my curls are moving
but not an annoyance
the breeze seems to kiss me
every once in awhile
like a mother with her newborn

nobody is moving too fast
there are things to be done
but things to be enjoyed
sometimes days like this scare me
i remember the calm before the storm

ah, but what come may
today i forget about war and world hunger
today i satisfy my hunger
a bite out of a day
without it biting me back

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