Listening to Techno

I am 21 and love listening to techno, folk (Ani Difranco), and the great blues guitarists (Stevie Ray Vaughn). Problem is that because of guilt, I throw out my cd collection every six months or so. Some of the songs from the artists I love are great. But the artist and what they stand for and their other songs are not in line with God. I keep fooling myself saying i have enough self-control to listen only to the good stuff. But i don’t. That’s just the way it is. So, does anybody know of any Christian artists that are similar to Ani Difranco or Stevie Ray Vaughn, or the like. Does anybody know of any REALLY good Christian techno? I’ve tried World Wide Message Tribe, but I can’t get into it. Part of the reason I like techno is because there are clean beats and creative sounds and smooth groove beats. But I can’t listen to most of it because it’s either about getting high or having sex. So I try. But run into the same problem of self-control. Does anybody have any suggestions for music that glorifies God and has really tight beats? Hoping I’m not the only one.

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