Many Words

hey little girl
little boy
young woman or man
and those of you older
in both mind and body
do you know that i love you
i see you in words
many words
in bytes across my screen
those ones and zeros are so
much more than just pixels
i see your eyes
i see your tears
occasionally i can see a smile
sometimes i see your bruises
bruises on your arms and such
even on your soul
i see your torn parts
i cringe at all this and more
not because it’s too much for me
you are not too much for me
but i cringe for your heart
your spirit
being torn, ripped, and pulled in all
the wrong directions
let me tell you i love you
let me tell you again
i love you
you might wonder how
sometimes you only feel like
writing two lines
and even two pages couldn’t
summarize you
i don’t know you
i don’t see you
but you say so much
i pray for you sometimes
not near enough as i should

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