New therapist.

Does anyone else self-mutilate? You know, like cut yourself with razor blades or hit yourself. Stuff like that?

I just changed to a new therapist this week. She was asking all the history questions. And when I told her that I cut myself, she laid down the law! She said if she was going to help me and if I was going to work with her, the cutting had to stop.

She really understood the cutting though. I was surprised. She didn’t ask any of the why questions. She affirmed that the cutting does have addictive qualities, which was really good for me to hear.

The only reason I heard her out on the issue was because she stressed that I did not have to stop cutting. But if I was to work with her, she would show me how to deal with the pain in more positive ways. Or something like that. Making it essential that I stop cutting myself or something like that. Anyway, it made sense at the time.

I’ve quit cutting myself in the past so really it’s no big deal. But I feel really weird. I feel like I should be putting up a fight or making a scene or throwing a tantrum or something. Isn’t that weird?


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