I have been saving.

Today I tried to clean out a lot of my stuff/junk that I have been saving. It makes me a little sad, but I’m just thinking throughout the whole cleaning: “Am I going to use this in the next six months?”

I love to store up magazines by the tons! It’s really hard for me to throw them away even after I read them. I am always worried that I skipped over something important and that I will have lost it forever if I throw away the magazine.

I used to save everything that I did or received in school. I mean I had huge moving boxes (not shoe boxes) full of school memorabilia. Not that it was that great. I’d even save the pieces of paper that I doodled on.

I was really worried that I’d throw something away and the experience that went with it would go away too. But now as I move on and just work on enjoying the past and not trying to recreate it, I realize I don’t need every “what-are-you-going-to-wear note” from junior high.

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